About Us

Footprints is an educational tour company, specialising in Adventure, Cultural, and Sports tours through South Africa. But that's just one simple definition. We are much more than this!

Having established ourselves in 2007, we have continued to provide an extensive range of activities, each of which has been developed based on school curriculums and aims to teach, delight, and engage both children and adults with their environment and abilities.

Our dynamic team is headed up by Lynette Marais. With her energetic personality at the helm, we are able to commit to ensuring that every word that we speak and every action that we take has a positive impact on your experience with Footprints.

Lynette's strong background in education means that she  is able to offer educational programmes which run smoothly and excellently. Added to that, Lynette has a passion for children, a love of nature, and a spark of mischief which is made manifest in the activities and programmes that we create - we do offer you the opportunity to build your own programme aswell!

Above all, though, we have a sincere passion for offering something that truly satisfies your needs and desires.



Also part of the Footprints team is EG, Lynette’s grandson. EG is an enthusiastic helper and during his school holidays, he does most of the packing, loading and unloading. EG is our inspiration for all our Footprints promotional items. Director to be.



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